Welcome to the Hinshaw Law Firm

Hinshaw, Marsh, Still & Kanter, LLP is dedicated to the representation of healthcare professionals. We are committed to protecting and defending the rights of professionals in medical malpractice and administrative law cases. We have a reputation for diligent preparation, uncompromising advocacy, and success at trial. While we are justifiably proud of our record of trial success, we have a proven track record of achieving our clients’ goals efficiently and effectively through aggressive discovery, pretrial motion practice and, when necessary, alternative methods of dispute resolution.

We have decades of experience in the representation of healthcare professionals in Northern California. Our founding partner, Edward A. Hinshaw, began representing healthcare professionals in 1964. We have represented physicians, nurses, hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, public entities, and allied healthcare specialists in hundreds of jury, bench and administrative law trials.

The practice of law, like healthcare, requires compassion, skill, expertise, knowledge and judgment. We treat each and every client with the highest level of commitment and attention. A lawsuit, licensing board accusation or credentialing dispute can bring tremendous stress to a hardworking professional. Our aim is to employ our experience, tenacity and results-driven approach to make the process as stress free and successful as possible. It is this approach that has earned our firm a reputation as a leader in healthcare defense.

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A Reputation Built On Trust And Results

Top Medical Malpractice Attorneys December 22, 2015

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Our Mission

We are committed to providing healthcare professionals with the most effective legal representation possible. We offer aggressive advocacy enhanced by the agility, efficiency and responsiveness that only a highly focused group of legal specialists can provide. Our experience and reputation allows us to retain leading experts and employ proactive defense strategies to give our clients a strong and effective defense.

Our Approach

Our partners are intimately involved in every aspect of a client’s representation, from intake to resolution. Each partner works closely with a single associate attorney. This ensures two attorneys are devoted to each client’s defense when necessary, without a duplication of effort or cost. We take an aggressive and proactive approach to litigation. We do not passively wait for plaintiffs to litigate their medical malpractice lawsuit. We use the courts to force plaintiffs and their lawyers to either fulfill their legal obligation to timely and properly prosecute their lawsuit, or force a dismissal of the case. We file motions with the court that we believe we will win, whether to obtain discovery to which we are entitled, or to end the case in our client’s favor. Our aggressive approach leads to superior results for our clients.